Cost - EduCloud Server Service

Cost Model

  • You pay for a pre-allocation of resources giving more predictable billing.
  • Organizations are charged for the capacity allocated to their Virtual Data Centre.
  • You can expand/contract your resources at any time by submitting a service request.
  • Lowering the guarantee of resources allows for more virtual machines to fit into the pre-allocation, but this may impact the ability for the virtual machines to get the resources it asks for.
  • Bills are calculated and billed monthly

Educloud Server Service Fees

Description Cost Cost Model
Basic Fee (licensing, support)
$55 per VM / year
Includes powered on and powered off virtual machines
$9 per GHz / year Total allocated to virtual data centre
In the case of ubc-shared use, the total allocated to the virtual machine
$10 per GB / year
Disk Storage
$0.15 per GB / year Total allocated to virtual machines

Disk Storage

EduCloud storage is on SSD based Enterprise storage hardware.

For more details, please contact UBC IT Systems.