Shared Web Hosting


The shared web hosting service allows departments and faculties to host their websites on a shared environment managed by UBC IT. Website administrators can build and self-manage their websites through the administrator control panel.

UBC faculties, departments, affiliated organizations, and research projects are eligible to use this service.

Features & Benefits

  • Available 24/7
  • Cost: $100 per year - including 2 GB storage
    For more storage, please submit a service request
    Additional Storage is $0.35/GB/Year
  • Description

Getting Started

  • Once you have selected a domain name for your website, please fill in the UBC IT Systems webform located here: 

    Shared Web Hosting Order Form

    Note: For new 3rd level domains (ie., please obtain approval for the domain before requesting a new site. Refer to this site for more information: Subdomain registration


  • For service support, submit a Systems Service Request

  • To report issues, contact the IT Service Centre

  • UBC IT
    Web Site Owner Responsiblities
    x Overall maintenance of web hosting infrastructure.
    x Server LAMP software and security updates.
    x Resource monitoring and allocation to ensure optimum server performance.
    x Authority to disable a website if compromised.
    x Report immediately to UBC IT if they suspect their website has been compromised.
    x Content Management System updates (for CMS-based sites).
    x Website content creation / updates / management.
    x End-to-end website testing.
    x Information architecture, design and usability of websites.
    x Client-written application issues.
    x Installing TLS / SSL certificates on websites