Robotic Process Automation through the lens of Melissa Medearis

The Automation Solution Delivery Centre is making significant strides in advancing their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service with the launch of its new web content on the UBC IT website and in the Service Catalogue. At the heart of this initiative is a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about harnessing the power of automation to transform the way we work at UBC. One such member is Melissa Medearis, a Business Analyst playing a pivotal role in advocating for the importance of implementing RPA to help improve repetitive business processes. Our UBC IT Communications team met with Melissa to discuss her work within the RPA team. 

A key aspect of Melissa’s role lies in the analysis phase, where she communicates and coordinates with diverse groups across the university about their RPA needs. This involves identifying all the stakeholders who need to be involved in the change discussion and ensuring a seamless integration of automated processes into their existing workflows. Melissa brings a wealth of experience from her previous role at UBC within the Faculty of Medicine. Her experience working in public health and providing access to data for researchers has equipped her with the skills to best communicate with various stakeholders across the university. 

Melissa emphasizes the importance of understanding if a process follows a consistent pathway or requires the nuanced decision-making of human intellect. She encourages colleagues to bring forward processes they think could benefit from RPA to be considered by her team. However, automation is not always the solution to many business processes at UBC and it is Melissa’s job to thoughtfully consider how each request could have potential to effectively utilize RPA. 

Melissa and the RPA team at UBC IT are at the forefront of driving technological advancements that enhance operational efficiency and contribute to the university's overarching goals. When considering RPA, she is passionate about fostering a culture of continuous improvement and enhancements. Melissa and her team are committed to innovation and collaborative problem-solving, emphasizing the transformative potential of RPA in higher education. 

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