CWL accounts currently offer access to a number of services, including:

Who Can Use This

All students, faculty and staff can sign up for a free account. Faculty and staff can also sponsor a guest for a free CWL account.

Examples of guests include:
  • Visiting faculty
  • Faculty emeritus
  • UBC alumni
  • Distance education instructors
  • Sessional instructors
  • Consultants and contractors
  • Non-UBC wireless network users
  • UBC-located conference goers
  • Contractors
  • Clinical Faculty

Technical Requirements

Faculty and staff cannot sign up for a CWL until they are assigned an employee ID and it has been activated in the Human Resources database.

Students cannot sign up for CWL until they are assigned a student number (also known as a reference number). Note: UBC Applicants must use the Student Service Centre (SSC) to create a CWL account.


All CWL accounts are free. Integrating an online application with CWL is also free.