Student & Alumni Email Service


The new Student Email Service is an optional combination of email aliasing, forwarding, and UBC hosted mailbox. Users of this service can obtain a UBC email address,, which can be forwarded to either an external or UBC hosted mailbox.

Email Forwarding Service

All students and alumni are eligible to sign up for a UBC email forwarding address,, which can be used even after graduation. This address can be forwarded to an email mailbox of your choice (external or UBC hosted mailbox.)

This is an email forwarding service only, and does not include any kind of mailbox or mail storage services.

UBC Hosted Mailbox Service

Active students (including those with Netinfo/Interchange mailboxes) can sign up for the new Student & Alumni UBC-Hosted Mailbox service. More information on the October 15th 2012 decommissioning of the old Netinfo/Interchange email service can be found here.

Further Information

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