Changes to Student and Alumni Email FAQ

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The email address was changed to differentiate between current students and alumni. This enables students to take advantage of discounts from vendors who require a UBC branded email address to show their affiliation as an active student at UBC. In addition, this change was necessary to enable access to Microsoft 365 services such as Teams and OneDrive.

If you have a email forwarding address, you can continue to receive emails sent to your address until further notice. However no modifications to the legacy email address or destination address are possible as of August 17, 2020. If you currently have a mailbox attached to your address, you can continue to use the mailbox to receive emails until further notice.

Current Students

Your username for the new account will be your CWL username. If you wish to anonymize or change your CWL ID, you can do this using the "Rename CWL" feature on the CWL myAccount page.

Yes. The account includes a hosted mailbox. You can set up an email forwarding rule on the mailbox options page if you wish to redirect your email to a personal account.

As an Alumni, you are able to retain access to your mailbox but you may will lose access to other services such as MS Teams and OneDrive. Your access will remain as is for a two year grace period. After this grace period, When no longer an active student, the email address associated with the mailbox will change from to but it will continue to accept email sent to Multiple notifications will be sent to your mailbox starting 30 days prior to this change. Although email will continue to function, it is important that you retrieve any files located in MS OneDrive, Teams or other Microsoft 365 apps prior to this change as you will lose access to these services.

Current Alumni

Yes. However, at this time alumni who have an forwarding account will not be able to sign up for You must be an active UBC student to sign up for the Student Email service.

Unfortunately, current alumni will not be able to request for a mailbox with the new service. The mailbox option is only available to alumni who have created a mailbox with the new service when they were an active student and have carried it forward after graduation.

Yes. If you are an Alumni and currently have a hosted mailbox with a email address, you will be able to access it as before without any changes until further notice.