Our Commitments and Goals

UBC IT's core commitments are to Community Service, Operational Stability, Technology Leadership and People Development. Our commitments have been chosen to support UBC IT's mission, capitalize on our strengths and focus on the needs of our community including our staff, faculty and research.

Commitment Goal

Community Service
UBC IT engages with the UBC community to identify their needs and is accountable for delivering effective technology solutions.


Be responsible for the actions and decisions we make and accountable for resulting outcomes. Using appropriate metrics and benchmarks, we will measure the performance, cost effectiveness and reliability of the services we provide, and make this information available to the university community.

Together, we work with the UBC community to achieve UBC's vision. By coordinating mutual activities and leveraging pooled resources, we deliver IT solutions that are the best for UBC.

Operational Stability
UBC IT provides an efficient, secure and reliable operating environment that is transparent and adaptable.

We will use current and stable technologies, project management and improved procedures to enhance quality, throughput, and performance to enable the University to achieve goals and execute strategies. Our policies and practices will provide mitigating actions and minimize risk for any unexpected service degradations or outages.

We ensure the privacy, security and integrity of information entrusted to us, while making authorized access to information easy. We will use sound audit, change management, testing procedures and quality control to provide security and integrity of the data within our purview.

Our technology solutions will effectively address UBC's challenge or opportunity. We seek to promote financial sustainability and deliver transparency with respect to the associated costs. We engage all units of the University to reduce redundancies and fully leverage our shared IT resources.

Technology Leadership
UBC IT provides vision and leadership in the planning, delivery and sustainment of technology solutions.

We consider all aspects of economic, environmental and social sustainability in our utilization of information technology endeavors.

UBC IT values and encourages creativity, innovation and the open exchange of ideas to address the systems, informational and process needs of the University community now and into the future.

People Development
UBC IT provides a safe and respectful environment that attracts and retains exceptional people.

We strive to develop a sustainable, healthy workplace within a culture of positive values and good relationships. We are dedicated to providing an environment of mutual respect where employees can thrive and build their careers at UBC.