CRM Project


UBC will replace the current CRM (ezRecruit) used by its international and domestic undergraduate recruitment and admission offices with a more robust solution. A competitive vendor CRM solution will enable UBC to take advantage of an established technology while meeting the current and anticipated needs of constituents and staff. Stakeholders for this project include UBC staff who are involved in the student recruitment process and interact with undergraduate prospective students from the prospective, applicant, admitted and registered stages for both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

  • This project will impact approximately 270 internal staff members from the domestic and international recruitment offices as well as staff working in Admissions, the Enrolment Services Professionals, Recruitment Marketing and Prospective Student Engagement, and the undergraduate Faculty Academic Advising offices.
  • External stakeholders of the project include the prospective students/applicants, parents and family members, high school counselors, partner college advising offices and educational agents.
  • The solution will integrate with the current and future SIS.

Implementation Vendors

The CRM project team and Project Advisory Committee (business stakeholders) completed an extensive RFP process to select the following vendors for the implementation phase.

Platform: and Oracle Eloqua (marketing tool).
System Integrator: Deloitte Inc.


Update: Due to a technical issue with an external component that was taking longer to address than anticipated, an update timeline was recommended. Instead of pushing for a Release 1 go-live date of mid-February, the project sponsors decided that a single release in early June 2018 is the best way forward. The new go-live date will occur at a non-peak time for the recruitment cycle and allow for the development of a higher quality product as it allows for additional time to enhance the solution and iron out new business processes. The solution is 75% complete and no further delays are anticipated.




Milestone Completion Date Status
Board Approval for Implementation July 27, 2017 Completed
Implementation Start August 8, 2017 Completed
Sprints 0-7
Discovery and Planning September 9, 2017 Completed
Development December 1, 2017 Completed
User Acceptance Testing Cycle 1 January 12, 2018 Completed
Sprints 8-10
Discovery and Planning February 2, 2018 Completed
Development April 6, 2018 Completed
User Acceptance Testing Cycle 2 May 4, 2018 Completed
Training June 8, 2018 Completed
Go-live/Deployment June 11, 2018 Completed


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Bjorn Larsson - CRM Project Manager