CRM Project


UBC is seeking to replace the current CRM (ezRecruit) used by its international and domestic undergraduate recruitment and admission offices with a more robust solution. A competitive vendor CRM solution will enable UBC to take advantage of an established technology while meeting the current and anticipated needs of constituents and staff. Stakeholders for this project include UBC staff who are involved in the student recruitment process and interact with undergraduate prospective students from the prospective, applicant, admitted and registered stages for both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.


UBC’s student recruitment CRM will capture and manage prospective student data in order to create highly effective, personalized interactions for prospective students and applicants. These interactions will introduce UBC’s wide range of academic opportunities and enhance engagement with UBC through the entire recruitment and admission process.


  • Flexibility & Opportunity for Growth – ensure new solution technology will support new recruitment initiatives or changes to existing initiatives without requiring significant IT development effort.
  • Implement Effective Business Processes to Support Appropriate Balance of Central and Delegated Roles and Responsibilities – ensure that business processes are structured to support appropriate balance of central and delegated roles and responsibilities in the context of a continuum of partnered provision, oversight and support of undergraduate education.
  • Improve the Time and Cost Efficiency of Recruitment Processes – significantly reduce overall staff time spent on managing prospective students recruitment campaigns and recruitment events by establishing business processes and recommending technology solutions that minimize duplication of work and paper-based processes, expedite workflow, provide economies of scale, and leverage existing capabilities.
  • Improve the Prospect Experience & Outcomes – ensure an intuitive and straightforward process supported by technology to provide a personalized, consolidated and responsive prospect experience and to enable prospective students to make timely, informed enrolment decisions.
  • Improve Data Quality, Access & Distribution – provide secure, robust and consolidated business applications to effectively manage essential prospective student information with support for business process automation. Enable more efficient data collation and analysis to support sound recruitment decision making.
  • Improve Prospective Student Experience – ensure an excellent prospective student experience with a system that is informative, inviting and engaging.



Bjorn Larsson - CRM Project Manager


  • This project will impact staff from the domestic and international recruitment offices as well as staff working in Admissions, the Enrolment Services Professionals, Recruitment Marketing and Prospective Student Engagement, and the undergraduate Faculty Academic Advising offices.

  • Internal users of the new CRM are anticipated to number approximately 240 staff.

  • External stakeholders of the project include the prospective students/applicants, parents and family members, high school counselors, partner college advising offices and educational agents.

  • The solution will integrate with the current and future SIS.

  • This project is considered a major UBC IT Capital Project which requires Executive and Board approval throughout the project lifecycle.