Intranet Project

Note: This listing is an archived project


The UBC IT Intranet project's purpose is to improve productivity and effectiveness of communication and collaboration within the UBC IT department. It consists of building a new UBC intranet using SharePoint 2010 and developing associated branding and communications governance around the new platform ("shareIT").


The Intranet project will deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity through better organization and search tools enabling staff to locate information quickly and easily;
  • Reduced information redundancy by creating a central content repository;
  • Targeted and more effective communication through an overhaul of existing communication pieces and channels;
  • Increased collaboration through the use of current tools such as blogs and wiki;
  • Increased employee engagement through the use of leading edge social media tools, new branding and identity of the intranet.


  • Build a new UBC IT intranet based on the Information Architecture designed and tested;
  • Use SharePoint 2010 as the platform technology;
  • Create a new identity and branding;
  • Streamline communications based on the new communication channels made available by the new platform
  • Develop and implement appropriate governance policies and plans.


The shareIT intranet was introduced to UBC IT employees in the summer of 2011.


Note: This listing is an archived project