Network Management Tools Migration


UBC IT has initiated a project to replace its network management tool set – the Networks Database and its various user interfaces, Transmogrifier, Port Query Tool, Database Viewers – with a COTS product, NCX, developed by Anuta Networks. In addition to this product change, the service will be re-branded NOVA (Network Orchestration Virtualization Automation).


Hundreds of administrators across campus rely on this tool set to make changes daily, so maintaining the efficiency of university operations is important. The existing network management toolset relies on legacy software and does not support modern technologies, so an evolution is needed. NCX offers different functionality and enhanced feature sets including automated provisioning which is a cornerstone of university operations.


Uphold the current self-administrative network management model on campus and ensure supporting tools are maintained with sustainability in mind.


Development efforts were made to adapt NCX to UBC's specific requirements. During this course, the vendor made significant changes to their architecture which requires redevelopment of some features and evaluation.


Miranda Chiu
Manager, Network Management Centre