UBC Faculty & Staff Email (FASmail) Upgrade


The UBC Faculty & Staff Email (FASmail) service is an enterprise email service for eligible staff, faculty and student employees. The current version of FASmail's backend is reaching the end of its life cycle.  The project to upgrade the FASmail infrastructure will begin in late September 2018. 



Email is a mission-critical application for UBC. Given the dependence on email for university operations, it is necessary that the FASmail environment be upgraded to allow the service to continue to operate and be supported in a reliable manner. The upgrade will enhance the overall user experience by taking advantage of improvements in server and storage technologies, as well as the new functionalities. The newer version will also enable integration with newer services and technologies (i.e. CRM).



The FASmail Upgrade project will consist of two phases:

Phase 1

  • Deploy upgraded FASmail environment
  • Update Webmail login page
  • Complete end user and stress testing

Phase 2

  • Schedule mailbox moves to new FASmail environment
  • Move mailboxes (by unit/department) starting in early 2019 and continuing into 2019
  • Decommission old FASmail environment


The first phase of this project (late September 2018) will introduce the new FASmail environment to the existing the  environment. Initially, the only change will be a visibly different login page when accessing UBC webmail.  Here is a preview of what you can expect.


Old FASmail Webmail Login Page

Click for a larger view

New FASmail Webmail Login Page

Click for a larger view

Once successfully logged in, you will experience the same look and feel that you are used to seeing today.

Mailboxes will be moved to the new environment in phases by unit/department starting in early 2019 and continuing into 2019.  After your mailbox is moved, you will have access to an improved webmail experience.  


Migration Schedule


Migration Week Department Name Client Services Manager
16-Jun Student Development & Services David Johnston
16-Jun Faculty of Graduate & Post Doctorate Studies Meghna Kanakagiri
30-Jun Applied Science, Dean's Office Horace Tong
30-Jun Civil Engineering Horace Tong
30-Jun Materials Engineering Horace Tong
30-Jun School of Community and Regional Planning Horace Tong
30-Jun School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Horace Tong
30-Jun School of Nursing Horace Tong
30-Jun Mining Engineering Horace Tong
30-Jun Engineering Co-op Horace Tong
30-Jun Electrical Engineering Horace Tong
30-Jun Chemical & Biological Engineering Horace Tong
30-Jun Mechanical Engineering Horace Tong
30-Jun School of Biomedical Engineering Horace Tong
7-Jul Pharmaceutical Sciences Alex Etesami
7-Jul Animal Care Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Jul Faculty of Dentistry Alex Etesami
7-Jul Financial Operations Tanja Radeka
14-Jul Human Resources Tanja Radeka
14-Jul Department of Psychiatry Baljit Chahal
14-Jul UBC Extended Learning ​David Johnston
21-Jul MED Dean's Office Baljit Chahal
21-Jul Department of Medicine Administration Baljit Chahal
21-Jul Family Practice Baljit Chahal
21-Jul Medical Genetics Baljit Chahal
28-Jul Department of Athletics and Recreation ​Shirley Tanoto
28-Jul Building Operations ​Shirley Tanoto
4-Aug Development and Alumni Engagement Meghna Kanakagiri
4-Aug Department of Computer Science Robert Padwick
4-AugFaculty of Law at Allard HallAlex Etesami
4-Aug Microbiology & Immunology Robert Padwick
4-Aug Department of Pathology Baljit Chahal
4-Aug Department of Pediatrics Baljit Chahal
4-Aug Anaesthesiology Baljit Chahal
4-Aug Cellular and Physiological Sciences Baljit Chahal
4-Aug Emergency Medicine Baljit Chahal
4-Aug Ophthalmology Baljit Chahal
11-AugDepartment of SurgeryBaljit Chahal
11-Aug Faculty of Education Alex Etesami
11-Aug Human Kinetics Alex Etesami
11-Aug Chief Audit and Risk Office
Meghna Kanakagiri
18-Aug Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Baljit Chahal
18-Aug Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Baljit Chahal
18-Aug Occupational Health & Occupational Therapy Baljit Chahal
18-Aug Enrolment Services ​David Johnston
18-Aug Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Baljit Chahal
18-Aug Campus and Community Planning ​David Johnston
18-Aug International Student Initiative ​David Johnston
18-Aug UBC Sustainability Initiative Shirley Tanato
18-Aug Centre for Hip Health and Mobility Baljit Chahal
18-Aug ICORD (International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries) Baljit Chahal
18-Aug Communications and Marketing ​David Johnston
25-Aug School of Audiology and Speech Sciences Baljit Chahal
25-Aug Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability Robert Padwick
25-Aug Orthopaedics Baljit Chahal
25-Aug Dermatology and Skin Sciences Baljit Chahal
25-Aug Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research Robert Padwick
25-Aug Industry Liaison Office ​Shirley Tanoto
25-Aug Department of Zoology Robert Padwick
25-Aug Infectious Diseases Division Baljit Chahal
25-Aug Division of Cardiology Baljit Chahal
25-Aug Faculty of Medicine Finance Department Baljit Chahal
25-Aug University Counsel ​Shirley Tanoto
25-Aug Beaty Biodiversity Museum Robert Padwick
25-Aug UBC Press ​Shirley Tanoto
30-Sep Student Housing & Hospitality Services Chris Yong
7-Oct Asian Studies Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Oct Economics Meghna Kanakagiri
7-OctLibraryJames Tuckett
7-Oct School of Music Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Oct Department of English Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Oct Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Oct Department of Sociology Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Oct Humanities 101 Community Program Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Oct Department of Political Science Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Oct Department of History Meghna Kanakagiri
7-Oct Department of Linguistics Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Museum of Anthropology Shirley Tanoto
14-Oct Department of Anthropology Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Department of Philosophy Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Department of Theatre and Film Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct School of Public Policy and Global Affairs Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct School of Library Archival and Information Studies Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Creative Writing Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Liu Institute for Global Issues Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct School of Journalism Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Institute of Asian Research Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Institute of Gender, Race,Sexuality Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Art's Dean's Office Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Arts Academic Advising Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Arts Coop Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Arts Develoment and Alumni Engagement Office Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct French Hispanic Italian Stds Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Social Work Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct First Nations Language & First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Chan Centre for Performing Arts Meghna Kanakagiri
14-Oct Arts One Meghna Kanakagiri
20-Oct All Remaining Groups  
18-Nov All Departmental Generic/Resource Mailboxes  


Migration - What To Expect

  • No settings changes are required for your phone’s mail app, Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac Mail.
  • There is no interruption of service - you can continue to access your email while your mailbox is being migrated.
  • If your Outlook client is open, you may be prompted to restart your Outlook client after the migration of the mailbox completes.
  • Once migrated, you will have access to a much improved Webmail experience with a new interface at https://www.mail.ubc.ca
  • Your email client’s functionality will appear the same. Most of the improvements are behind the scenes.
  • Changes in the “Sent Items Options” for shared mailboxes: By default, all new sent email will now appear in both your personal mailbox and generic mailbox. Note: The only other option is to only save sent items in your personal mailbox, which is not recommended. But if this is preferred, please contact IT Service Centre as you wouldn’t have the option to make these changes yourself. 
  • In the unlikely event that you encounter issues after your mailbox migration, please contact the IT Service Centre for assistance.


Please contact the IT Service Centre for assistance.