UBC Faculty & Staff Email (FASmail) Upgrade


The UBC Faculty & Staff Email (FASmail) service is an enterprise email service for eligible staff, faculty and student employees. The current version of FASmail's backend is reaching the end of its life cycle.  The project to upgrade the FASmail infrastructure will begin in late September 2018. 



Email is a mission-critical application for UBC. Given the dependence on email for university operations, it is necessary that the FASmail environment be upgraded to allow the service to continue to operate and be supported in a reliable manner. The upgrade will enhance the overall user experience by taking advantage of improvements in server and storage technologies, as well as the new functionalities. The newer version will also enable integration with newer services and technologies (i.e. CRM).



The FASmail Upgrade project will consist of two phases:

Phase 1

  • Deploy upgraded FASmail environment
  • Update Webmail login page
  • Complete end user and stress testing

Phase 2

  • Schedule mailbox moves to new FASmail environment
  • Move mailboxes (by unit/department) starting in early 2019 and continuing into 2019
  • Decommission old FASmail environment


The first phase of this project (late September 2018) will introduce the new FASmail environment to the existing the  environment. Initially, the only change will be a visibly different login page when accessing UBC webmail.  Here is a preview of what you can expect.


Old FASmail Webmail Login Page

Click for a larger view

New FASmail Webmail Login Page

Click for a larger view

Once successfully logged in, you will experience the same look and feel that you are used to seeing today.

Mailboxes will be moved to the new environment in phases by unit/department starting in early 2019 and continuing into 2019.  After your mailbox is moved, you will have access to an improved webmail experience.  


Salim Janmohamed
Program Manager, UBC IT Infrastructure Project Management


Mark Belsito
Manager, Operations
Communication & Collaboration Services, UBC IT