Update to UBC Online Directory

Standardization of Building Information

Changes were recently made to UBC Directory to add important information:

  • A new Building field was introduced and standardized building information (with detailed building addresses) are now available for the UBC Vancouver Campus.
  • With the new Building field updated, links to Wayfinding now show the exact building (compared to search results based on the free-form location field).
  • Faculty and staff are now able to self-administer subscriptions to email broadcasts from Land and Building Services, and Health, Safety and Environment.

Background for the change

As part of their effort to improve customer service and communication, Land and Building Services, and the Department of Health, Safety and Environment wanted the ability to identify and contact Faculty and Staff via email as listed in the UBC Directory. They can now communicate important construction and maintenance activities or safety issues/concerns to affected building occupants. A key part of the solution involved standardization of building information in UBC Directory, to be consistent with the data set used by Wayfinding, Plant Operations, and Campus Community and Planning, etc.