Live Event Recording & Webcasting


Speak to your audience live and on the web. Live event recording and Webcasting from UBC IT offers recording of large to small venue keynote presentations, conferences, musical performances, convocations, or special events. The recording can be captured, published, and/or interactively webcast, for public, private or pay-per-view audiences.

Recording and webcasting are available from all venues – theatres, ballrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms and open staged events. Events are viewable on desktop or mobile devices anywhere Internet services are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Live webcasts can be done from most venues, both on and off the UBC campus
  • Every webcast is simultaneously recorded for on-demand viewing
  • HD video combined with professional sound and fully uncompressed visual media
  • Comprehensive event and recording user analytics
  • Customized or embedded webcast viewers and logos
  • Trained professional personnel to deliver reliable results

Further Information

Getting Started

  • For more information on how to get started with Live Event Recording & Webcasting, please email or call (604) 822-7956.


  • Live event recording & webcasting support is available during business hours