LSK Server Co-location


Note: Co-location is for UBC departments only.

UBC IT's co-location program stations your server in UBC IT' Network Operations Centre. This is a cost-effective and secure service that we can adapt to fit your needs.

Advantages to Co-Location

There are several monetary, security and technical infrastructure advantages to co-location. UBC IT also offers some additional services for an additional cost.

Monetary Savings

  • Substantial capital investment savings
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Redundant environmental systems are eliminated


  • Controlled access restricted to authorized personnel
  • Daily, 24-hour status monitoring by Network Operations Centre staff
  • Humidity- and temperature-controlled facility

Technical Infrastructure

  • High-performance network connectivity
  • Battery UPS and diesel generator backup power
  • 100BaseT connection to campus backbone network
  • OC3 Internet access
  • Power conditioning
  • One IP address for your machine
  • IP protocol based only

Additional services*

  • Increased bandwidth on an as-needed basis
  • Daily, 24-hour event notification service
  • Backup services (remote or local)
  • A dial-in account for server maintenance
  • Daily, 24-hour access to your system
  • Daily, 24-hour automatic monitoring of services
  • Technical support for hardware and software
  • Additional addresses are $10 per month per IP address 

* These services are available at an additional cost.


How Co-Location Works

UBC IT provides the technical infrastructure, security and physical space for your server. As our client, you agree to meet the following requirements and specifications.


Clients are responsible for all server setups necessary for installation of the server. (UBC IT can assist in the setup configuration and installation of your server, but for an additional fee.)

Limited Access

Only authorized and designated personnel of clients are allowed to access the equipment in UBC IT. They will be required to adhere to the UBC IT's security procedures.

Trouble-shooting Contact 

Clients will provide UBC IT with one emergency contact, who is authorized to access the co-located server. This will enable UBC IT to alert the client of any system problems or errors.

Technical Specifications 

A client's server must rack mount in a 19" rack and be configured with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Card. All electrical equipment must handle 120 volts and fit a standard receptacle. Other types of circuits are available upon request and at an additional cost.

Fees & Ordering

UBC IT has custom plans to fit individual client's requirements and needs. The most appropriate combination of services is determined in consultation with our clients. To obtain a quote for your co-located server, please call us at 604.822.8652.

Note: Co-location is for UBC departments only.