Client Service Manager Portfolios

UBC IT established the Client Service Manager (CSM) role in the Spring of 2010. This role is intended to serve our stakeholders by providing a closer connection to our customers, enabling us to better understand their current and future needs. The CSMs help IT managers and project managers deliver successful projects and services by providing them with customer intelligence, impact assessments, communication channels, and a mechanism to solve issues as they arise. Below is a list of Client Service Managers and the Faculties and Departments they support.


Faculty/Department Client Service Manager
Client Service Manager
Animal Care Services Meghna Kanakagiri ​Alice Kempff ​Fully Supported
​Athletics and Recreation​ ​Barb Vonas   Fully Supported
​Building Operations Barb Vonas​ ​Fully Supported
​Campus Security ​Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
​Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTLT) Meghna Kanakagiri   ​Single Point of Contact
CIRS Building Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
​Development and Alumni Engagement Meghna Kanakagiri ​Fully Supported
​Energy and Water Services ​Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
Enrolment Services Baljit Chahal
​Fully Supported
​Extended Learning ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
Faculty of Applied Sciences Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
    SALA-School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture ​Shirley Tanoto ​​Fully Supported
    School of Nursing Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
    SCARP-School of Community and Regional Planning ​Shirley Tanoto ​​Fully Supported
   CRN-​Composites Research Network ​Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​    ECE-WATERS Research Project ​Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​   Applied Sciences Dean's office ​Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ​Shirley Tanoto Transition Stage
    Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering ​Shirley Tanoto Transition Stage

​    Departments of Civil, Mechanical, Mining and

      Materials Engineering

​Shirley Tanoto ​Transition Stage
​    Research Centres (WEDC, BrimaCombe, PPC and CERC) ​Shirley Tanoto ​Transition Stage

​    ICICS-Institue of Computing, Information and

      Cognitive Systems

​Shirley Tanoto ​Asessment Stage
Faculty of Arts ​Meghna Kanakagiri
Single Point of Contact​
Faculty of Dentistry Baljit Chahal ​Single Point of Contact
Faculty of Education Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​Faculty of Forestry Barb Vonas ​Single Point of Contact
Faculty of Graduate & Post Doctorate Studies ​Meghna Kanakagiri
​​​Fully Supported
Faculty of Land and Food Systems Baljit Chahal ​Single Point of Contact
Faculty of Law Alex Etesami ​Fully Supported
Faculty of Medicine

Alice Kempff

Alex Etesami

  ​Single Point of Contact​
​    HELP (Human Early Learning Partnership) ​Alice Kempff ​Alex Etesami ​Fully Supported
​    SPPH OEH (Occupational and Environmental Hygiene) ​Alice Kempff ​Alex Etesami ​​Fully Supported
​    CAN (Centre for Applied Neurogenetics) ​​Alex Etesami ​Alice Kempff ​​Fully Supported
​    Centre for Brain Health ​​Alex Etesami ​Alice Kempff ​Multiple models
​    MedIT & MedIT supported units

Alice Kempff

​​Alex Etesami

​Alice Kempff ​Single Point of Contact
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Alex Etesami ​​Fully Supported
Faculty of Science Robert Padwick ​Multiple models
    Beaty Museum ​Robert Padwick ​Fully Supported
​    Botanical Gardens ​​Robert Padwick ​​Fully Supported
    Dean's Office ​Robert Padwick ​Fully Supported
    Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability ​Robert Padwick ​​Fully Supported
    Life Sciences Institute (Administration) ​Robert Padwick ​​Fully Supported
Finance Barb Vonas​ ​​Fully Supported
​First Nations House of Learning ​​Meghna Kanakagiri ​​Fully Supported​
​Green College Meghna Kanakagiri
​Fully Supported
​Human Resources ​Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
​Infrastructure Development ​Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
​Internal Audit Barb Vonas ​​Fully Supported
​International Student Initiative Barb Vonas​ ​Fully Supported
​Library James Tuckett   Fully Supported
Museum of Anthropology Shirley Tanoto ​​Fully Supported
​Office of Vice Provost Health ​Alice Kempff ​Alex Etesami ​Fully Supported
Old Admin Building Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
​Parking and Access Control Services ​Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
​Payment & Procurement Services Barb Vonas ​ ​Fully Supported
​Pension Administration Office ​Barb Vonas ​​Fully Supported
Peter Wall Institute Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​Risk Management Services Barb Vonas​ ​Fully Supported
Sauder School of Business Barb Vonas ​​Fully Supported
    Center for Operational Excellence ​Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
​Student Development & Services ​Barb Vonas ​​Fully Supported
​Student Housing & Hospitality Services ​Chris Yong ​​Fully Supported
Treasury Barb Vonas ​Fully Supported
​Vantage College ​​Aarti Paul ​​Fully Supported
​Vice-President External Relations  ​Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Campus + Community Planning Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Ceremonies and Events Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Communications and Marketing Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Community Engagement ​Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Government Relations Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​​​ ​​​   Learning Exchange Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Public Affiars Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported
​​​    UBC Robson Square Baljit Chahal ​​Fully Supported​
Xerox contract and relationship ​Aarti Paul