Please Note:

As of September 2016, due to low usage, Wolfram Mathematica is no longer available through UBC IT software licensing. Users can purchase a license through Wolfram directly by visiting this link here.

For existing Mathematica subscribers:

  • Starting in 2018, subscribers wishing to renew Mathematica can purchase a license directly from Wolfram

To purchase:

  • Wolfram offers educational pricing for Mathematica licenses at this link here.

Mathematica, by Wolfram Research, is a computational software program used in scientific, engineering, financial, and mathematical fields and other areas of technical computing. It is used for algorithmic computation, interactive manipulation and visualization, modeling, simulation, development, and deployment in one integrated system.

UBC IT has licensed Mathematica with Premier Service which provides additional benefits such as Home Use, Workbench, webMathematica and more.


How is Mathematica used in a university setting?

Mathematica has a tremendous amount of uses, it's: 

...a wonderful tool for lecture presentations, writing journal articles, and student lab reports.

...a great tool for individual student projects, and leads to a much deeper understanding of concepts.

...a fantastic environment for research and writing applications.

What are the best steps to start using Mathematica ?

If you are brand-new to Mathematica, below are some suggestions on the best ways to get started:


Teaching faculty

Research faculty