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Cable TV

What kind of Cable TV services can I get at UBC?
UBC in partnership with Shaw cable systems offers a full range of cable services including Standard definition channels, High definition channels, Pay per View, Movie and Premium Cable channels.

A compliment of approximately 50 Standard definition channels makes up the basic cable service offered by UBC.

How do I get more channels for Cable TV?
Contact Shaw Cable for enhanced services beyond basic standard definition service. A High Definition Set Top box may be required.

Is there a setup fee for Cable TV?
There is no setup fee for Cable TV as the outlets are typically always live – simply connect your Digital Set Top Box (obtainable from Shaw Cable if not already in your room) and your TV, then contact Shaw Cable to activate the Set Top Box.

If you want new cables installed, there is an installation fee.

For more information on cable installation fees:

Where is UBC Cable TV available?
UBC Cable TV is available throughout the Point Grey campus in most UBC residences, and in many academic / administrative buildings at UBC.

High-Definition TV

How do I order HDTV?
To order HDTV, Pay Per View, or Video on Demand, contact Shaw directly at 604-310-SHAW. (Please note that you must quote your building's actual address, and not UBC building name, in order to be recognized as one of Shaw's serviceable areas). You might also require the appropriate HD Set Top Box.

Shaw says my building is not within their area of service. What do I do?
In order to be recognized as one of Shaw's serviceable area, you will need to quote your building's actual address (not UBC building name). As UBC is still a new service area for Shaw, you may need to suggest to the representative that the area you are in was recently added to the Shaw network.

If this still does not work then please submit a request here: http://web.it.ubc.ca/forms/network/

Who is eligible to order HDTV and special services?
Anyone who has cable TV through UBC and has the appropriate Set Top Box, is eligible to order the HD and premium services provided by Shaw. To order, simply call 310-SHAW and open an account with Shaw for billing.

Who do I pay for HD TV?
All additional cable services over and above basic Standard Definition Cable TV must be purchased directly from Shaw which will require a personal / departmental account to be established with Shaw. All types of Set Top Digital Boxes above Standard Definition must be purchased from Shaw or a 3rd party reseller and registered with Shaw in the student/ department name, not UBC IT’s name.

Basic Standard definition Set Top Boxes and Basic Standard definition TV service might require a monthly fee payable to UBC IT depending on the Department and /or Building requesting the service. Please contact UBC IT with your enquiry - http://web.it.ubc.ca/forms/network/

Who do I contact if I am having problems with my TV reception?
The first point of contact should be Shaw cable at: https://community.shaw.ca/community/tv-articles or http://shaw.ca/contact-us/personal/?vid=contactus

If Shaw was not able to help or if they have indicated it is a UBC problem then please contact: