myVPN Setup for Mac OSX 10.5 or Earlier (Intel)

For users with intel based MAC OSX 10.5 or earlier, please follow the instructions below for a workaround:

  1. Download Cisco VPN Client and
    You can download Cisco VPN Client and from here
    The file names are: vpnclient-for-max-os-x-10.5.-k9.dmg (15 MB)and (1KB).
    Please note the location of the files before commencing the download.
  2. Install Cisco VPN Client
    Locate the downloaded Cisco VPN installation file and double-click on it to run the installer.
    • When prompted, enter the userID and password of a user with administrative priviledges.
    • You will be prompted with the installer's Introduction screen. Click Next to continue.
    • You will be prompted for a location to install the VPN GUI application. Use the default install location and click Next.
    • The installer will now install the VPN client to your computer, which may take several minutes. When it is finished, the Install Complete information will be displayed.
    • Click on the Done button to close the installer. If prompted, reboot your computer.
    • Launch the VPN Client application. It will be located in the directory that was specified in the installation process or under applications.
    The VPN Client application will appear. To establish your VPN connection to the UBC Network, you need to import entry
  3. Import entry
    • Click on the Import button in the application toolbar to import myvpn entry
    • You will be prompted for a location of an entry, choose from your previous download, then click OK, the import will take a few seconds then it will prompt the import is successful.
  4. Starting a VPN Connection to
    • Select MYVPN entry by clicking on the entry in the application, and then click Connect button.
    • When prompted, enter your CWL id and password click OK to continue.
    • If successful, you will see a message confirming your connection to Click Continue.
    You will return to the VPN Client window. The VPN Client window should remain open while you are using the VPN connection, but may be minimized.
  5. Closing a VPN Connection
    • Select the VPN client window.
    • To stop the VPN session, click on the Disconnect button in the application window toolbar.
    When the session has ended, you may close the VPN client