Blackberry Wifi Devices

UBC offers a secure wireless network that can be accessed by the Blackberry devices with WiFi support. For best results, it is recommended to only use these devices on the secure network ('ubcsecure') and not on the non-secure network ('ubc'). Please follow the procedure listed below to enable WPA for your device. 

Blackberries are designed to use WiFi networks as highest priority if the connection is available.


  • A Blackberry device that supports WiFi and 802.11 with WPA and PEAP standards
  • UBC Campus Wide Login account
  • Important: Get updated drivers from your manufacturer or cellular provider.

Note: The following instructions based upon Rogers Wireless Blackberry 9000 Bold devices. Not all Blackberry devices support WiFi and those that do may have different setup steps and instructions. Please consult the documentation that came with your device as well as the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, you may need to upgrade your Blackberry with the latest drivers and software versions.

UBC IT does not provide support for Blackberry WiFi setup. This document is provided as general reference only.

Enabling WPA Authentication and Security

1)    Go to the Manage Connections section.


2)    Set Wi-Fi to On then click Set Up Wi-Fi Network.


3)    Click Scan For Networks and click on ubcsecure when it appears.


4)    Enter the following settings:

  • Security type: PEAP
  • User name: enter your CWL username
  • Password: enter your CWL password
  • CA Certficate: Thawte Primary Root CA and Thawte Premium Root CA
  • Innter link secuirty: EAP-MS-CHAP v2
  • Token: <None Selected>
  • Server subject:
  • Server SAN: leave blank


5)    Click Connect to connect to ubcsecure. Leave the next settings as default and click Next then Finish.



6)    You should now be connected to the "ubcsecure" wireless network. If you ever need to check if you are connected to "ubcsecure", go to the Manage Connections section again and ensure that there is a green check mark next to "ubcsecure". If it is not connected, try unchecking/disabling WiFi, wait a few moments, and then turn it back on again.