FluidSurveys Licensing FAQs

No, UBC Survey Tool as a service offered by UBC IT is not going away. UBC Survey Tool will remain as an available service offered by UBC IT. The underlying platform that UBC Survey Tool runs on, FluidSurveys, is however, changing.
In late June 2016, UBC IT was informed by SurveyMonkey (which hosts FluidSurveys) that they will be exercising their right to give us a one year notice before shutting down their Canadian hosting servers on June 30, 2017. Unfortunately, SurveyMonkey’s regular offering is not FIPPA compliant, which meant that we would need to find a replacement solution for the Survey Tool service.

UBC IT will continue to offer the UBC Survey Tool service to the UBC community using the FluidSurveys platform until June 30, 2017. We are partnering with BCNET (a not-for-profit shared information technology services organization that represents the interests of colleges, universities, and research institutions in British Columbia) to leverage their negotiating power over contract to select a survey platform in the coming months to replace FluidSurveys.

As of October 25, 2016, we have published a Request for Proposal (RFP). We are looking for a replacement platform that replicates or improves upon the functionality found in the FluidSurveys solution. Based on our audience analysis, it is understood that the survey tool is used for various scenarios in the domains of research, teaching and learning, and administration.

We expect to have the new solution deployed and available to the greater UBC community by Spring 2017, providing time for users to migrate to this new platform and familiarize themselves with the new solution. Until then, UBC Survey Tool will continue to operate as a service using FliudSurveys and we do not expect any service disruption.

The FluidSurveys license that UBC Survey Tool is using will end after June 30, 2017, inclusive. This means that UBC will have continued and unrestricted access to FluidSurveys throughout the remainder of this license; it will be business as usual.

We plan on having a replacement solution prior to FliudSurveys license expiring. We will provide a migration plan once we have more information.

We will provide more details of our migration plan on how we can support users on transitioning their existing data to the replacement survey tool in the near future. In the meantime, our support for the existing survey tool continues; however, it is always recommended to keep local backups.
If you have any questions about the current survey tool FluidSurveys, or our effort in selecting a new survey tool with BCNET, please write us at ubcit.communications@ubc.ca or contact the UBC IT Service Centre Help Desk at 604-822-2008 or https://it.ubc.ca/support.