How often is data backed up?
Backup snapshots are taken

  • every 2 hours between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm and kept for 5 days
  • and daily at midnight and kept for 30 days

How do I request recovery from a backup of my Team Share Storage?
Restores are performed by the user. Please refer to the Setup Documents for self restore steps.

Where are the backups stored?
Backups are stored both in our local site at Point Grey and also replicated to our remote site in Kamloops. 

Can access be provided to external parties who do not have an EAD account?
No, Team Share Service requires an active EAD account. If this is required, please consider using the Workspace service.

Can it provide access to other Faculty or Administrative Staff on Campus that do have an EAD account?
Yes, Team Share Service can be shared between Faculty and Staff that have an active EAD account.