Student Discounts for Remote Learning

As a result of UBC's response to COVID-19, UBC students transitioned to remote learning as of March 2020, with a greater dependency on technology in lieu of on-site instruction. UBC IT has facilitated a number of discount packages for students to support their learning activities. Working with existing vendors and with the help of Student Services and the respective UBC student associations, we are pleased to share the following efforts to secure lower cost technology options.

Please Note: To take advantage of these discounts, students must contact the vendors directly as shown. UBC IT is unable to provide additional support or coordination with vendors. Discounts are specific to each vendor and may be time-limited.

Come back soon for news on additional discounts!

Vendor and Service Discounts/perks What do students need to do?

Dell – Laptops and other hardware


  • Laptops available direct from Dell in "good, better, best" configurations
  • Save from $400 - $1,000 on comparable laptop models from
  • General discount code also available to students
  • This will allow them to acquire other Dell products at a reduced price
  • Free shipping within North America
  • Students will need to create an account on the Dell website using their email address
  • Discounts are already pre-applied to the standard configurations
  • To access the general discount code, students should visit and request a coupon using their UBC email address

TELUS – Home Internet

  • $15 off/month of regularly-priced plans, for 12 months
  • Heavily discounted "low-income" plans available for qualifying families
  • Students can view plan details on TELUS website
  • Student discounts available only by phone - must call 1.866.323.1856
  • To find out more about low-income plans: email