What is Identity and Access Management?

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the set of business policies, processes, and a supporting infrastructure for managing the creation, maintenance and use of digital identities. IAM enables organizations to:
    • Provide secure access to resources
    • Efficiently control this access
    • Respond faster to changing relationships
    • Protect confidential information from unauthorized users
  • For those needing access to computer system or physical resources, IAM:
    • Verifies who you are
    • Manages what you can and cannot do based on business rules and your attributes such as departmental affiliation or role within the university

How Does Identity and Access Management Work?

  • The UBC Identity and Access Management program takes a person-centric view of digital identity. The program is therefore driven by two related requirements:
    • Identity and access management must focus on the needs and functions of the people who work or study at the University, not the needs of any single system.
    • The process and workflow of IAM must reflect an end-to-end digital identity lifecycle.
How IAM works