Contact Centre Product Evaluation

Note: This listing is an archived project


UBC has decided to evaluate contact centre software products that satisfy the requirements from different departments University-wide. With the decommissioning of Nortel infrastructure (Contact Centre 6 (CC6) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)) across campus, this is an opportune time to consider a more advanced contact centre solution.

In addition, existing UBC departments that are currently using either ACD or CC6 are experiencing some challenges such as scalability, flexible reporting and ease of configuration and use. Some departments on campus that aren’t currently using a contact centre solution have also expressed the need to have one.


The purpose of this project is to evaluate a series of solutions that may satisfy the contact centre needs for the University of British Columbia. UBC will place a Request for Information on BC Bid to gather as many possible vendor participants that comply with UBC’s contact centre requirements.


  • To find a contact centre solution that satisfies the existing functionality and additional requirements gathered from departments across campus
  • To find new contact centre solutions that are being used by other Universities or that could be shared with other Universities through BC Net
    • To provide a contact centre solution that has:
    • The ability to scale according to the needs of UBC
    • Flexible reporting
    • Ease of configuration and use



If you have any questions about the Contact Centre Product Evaluation, please contact project manager Patricia Tovar at



Note: This listing is an archived project