UBC Workspace Project FAQs


What are the benefits of using the UBC Workspace compared to other cloud file sharing solutions such as Dropbox®, iCloud, and Google Drive?

The UBC Workspace is the first of its kind in Canada for a cloud storage solution that's tailored towards higher education. In addition to features such as file synchronization, UBC Workspace is hosted at UBC and meets UBC Policy and BC legislative requirements. As we often deal with private and confidential information at UBC, it's important to consider a solution that provides the upmost security on information assets.

How is the UBC Workspace different from SharePoint, TeamShare, and H Drive?

H Drive TeamShare SharePoint UBC Workspace
  • A file repository for individuals
  • A shared file repository for teams
  • Online platform used for document management, storage, communication and collaboration among teams
  • File sharing service that is accessible from anywhere, multiple devices, browsers.  No VPN required.
Who can use it?
  • Users with an EAD account
  • Users with an EAD account
  • Users with an EAD account
  • Only EAD account holders can create accounts but they can share with anyone
Who administers it?
  • Self-administered
  • Provisioned by IT administrator
  • Provisioned by IT administrator
  • Once group/team is added, it is self-administered
How can you connect to it?
  • Through on campus network or VPN using EAD account
  • Through on campus network or VPN using EAD account
  • Through on campus network or VPN using EAD account
  • Accessible anywhere via web login page
Does it support collaboration?
No sharing option available Files shared with immediate team-level (1 to many)
  • Files shared on team-level (1 to many)
  • Files shared on user-level (1 to 1)
  • Files shared on community level  (full  access)
  • Files shared on team-level (1 to many)
  • Files shared on user-level (1 to 1)
  • Files can be shared within UBC or outside

How do I set up the service for the pilot program?

It's easy! If you are an Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) user already, go to https://workspace.ubc.ca and enter your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) credentials.  To install the client, go to the Workspace login screen and click "Download Horizon Workspace".   Select your client type and input the server address,  "workspace.ubc.ca".

I have EAD, but when I tried to use the service, I received the error message, "You are not allowed to access this page. You may need to contact your administrator with this error. 403 Forbidden." What do I do?

We are aware of this issue and currently working with the vendor in fixing it. In the meantime, you access the service by enabling private browsing.

  • For Safari – Click the Settings icon (looks like a gear), then select "Private Browsing"
  • For Firefox – Click "File" or the Firefox icon with the dropdown arrow, then select "New Private Window"
  • For Internet Explorer – Click "Tools", then select "InPrivate Browsing"
  • For Chrome – Click Settings icon (looks like three dashes) and select "New Incognito Window"

Will I need training to use these services?

Horizon is very intuitive. However, if you require additional instruction, please visit the service's Help Section.

Is this service compatible with VPN?

Yes, this service is compatible with VPN.

If I'm offsite, do I need VPN to log in?

No, you will not need VPN to log in. You can just login directly at https://workspace.ubc.ca.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For Workspace service questions, please contact Deirdre Rogers, Project Manager at deirdre.rogers@ubc.ca.  For service support, please select "Other" under the Service dropdown menu on our Systems web form.

What kind of files can I upload?

Any file types that meet the allowable storage space.

How secure are my files when they are being transferred?

The security of your information is important to us. We encrypt the transmission of the information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). For more information, please review the VMware Horizon Workspace Security Features document.

Who can I share files with?

You can share files with anyone on and off campus. People without an EAD account can edit the documents that you share with them directly but they are unable to share the folder with other parties.

How do I share files with someone?

Files are shared by folders. Once you create a new folder, you will find a drop down arrow that gives you the option to share the folder. For further instructions, please visit the Help page.

What is the file size limit to uploading a document?

The file size limit to uploading a document is 2GB.

What is the maximum amount of free storage space?

During our pilot stage, the maximum amount of free storage space is 20GB per person.

Is there an app I can download to my phone or tablet?

Yes, both Android and iOS are supported. You can download the app at the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

Where do I go to provide feedback?

Please send your comments and feedback here.

Does UBC back up my data?

UBC keeps redundant backups of all data over multiple locations to prevent the remote possibility of data loss.

What happens to my files after the pilot is complete?

You will have the option of converting to a paid account or to remove your files. Files will not be deleted without your permission.

How do people without a Workspace account (non-EAD user) access the files that I share with them?

People that you have shared files with will receive a notification email that you have a shared file with them. By clicking on the link in the email, they will be redirected to Workspace to create an account. Please note that non-EAD users can only access Workspace via a web browser. They are not able to access the service by downloading a client to their mobile device.

Is it possible for non-EAD users to also use Workspace to share files with someone else?

No, only EAD users' Workspace account have the capability to share files. Non-EAD users are limited to viewing and editing files that are shared with them.