Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Almost all of us use mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and USB drives). Many of these devices are used to store personal information, which we have a duty to protect. Personal information is recorded information about an identifiable individual which might include social insurance number (SIN), UBC student number and bank account information.

Do you know how to keep the information on your mobile device safe if it is lost, stolen or hacked?

Here are some resources to help you to ensure that your mobile device is safe:

  • This free app will walk you through ten simple steps to help protect your privacy on your mobile device:
  • Privacy on the Go - 10 Workplace Tips for Protecting Personal Information on Mobile Devices:
  • All UBC faculty and staff need to be familiar with the following Information Security Standards:
  • To learn more about how to encrypt information at UBC, see the following self-help documents:
  • Please report all device thefts or losses to Campus Security 604.822.2222
  • For further information on UBC's Information Security Policy and a complete list of standards, please see the following site:

Other Useful Information and Sites