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UPDATE: The new UBC Survey Tool (Qualtrics) is now available

December 18, 2017

We are pleased to announce the UBC Survey Tool (Qualtrics) is now available for all staff, faculty and students at UBC. Visit the UBC Survey Tool site for details on getting started and to find support and training information. Please plan your transition from FluidSurveys before February 26, 2018.

Prepare for the Transition

Current survey users can prepare for the transition in the following ways:

  1. Inventory the surveys that you need to backup and export from FluidSurveys.
  2. Manually backup and save your existing surveys, datasets, reports and contact lists.
  3. For longitudinal surveys, begin planning for how you will communicate a new survey link to your participants.
  4. Set aside sufficient time to learn Qualtrics.

NOTE: Any open surveys extending past February 26, 2018 will need to be manually recreated in the new tool. We recommend exporting and saving your existing surveys at your earliest convenience.

Export Your Surveys

Please refer to this guide on how to extract your existing survey questions, data and reports.

  1. Learn how to export all of your response data *
  2. Learn how to backup your existing FluidSurveys surveys *
  3. Learn how to export your contact list  *

*You will no longer be able to access FluidSurveys after February 26th, 2018.

Qualtrics Support and Training

Qualtrics Support
Qualtric Training

Frequently Asked Questions

We are aiming to have Qualtrics available for the UBC community starting December 18, 2017.
There is no automated method to convert your existing FluidSurveys to Qualtrics. We recommend backing up your FluidSurveys into Microsoft Word or PDF format and using them as a guide when creating your Qualtrics survey. Survey responses can be imported into Qualtrics but we recommend joining the data sets outside of the survey tool for better control and validation.
No. There will be no access to FluidSurveys beyond February 26th, 2018. Any required surveys and data should be backed up/exported prior to this day.
No. Anyone with an active staff, faculty, student employee, student or guest CWL account will be able to access Qualtrics.
Your new Qualtrics survey will need to be created prior to February 26th, 2018 with the new link distributed to your respondents. If you have questions or require support please contact us at
There will be no automated redirect offered from your old FluidSurveys link to the new link in Qualtrics.
If you still require additional help or clarification regarding the transition process please contact us at


UBC Survey Tool is a Canadian-hosted survey solution through the vendor, FluidSurvey by SurveyMonkey. It complies with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All data is stored and backed up in Canada. This survey tool solution allows users to quickly and easily build their own surveys, with advanced features such as logic and branching, bulk translation tools, and even offline capabilities.

Available to all UBC faculty, staff, and active students, users can login at with their CWL account to access the tool immediately.

More information about the FluidSurveys by SurveyMonkey enterprise tool can be found on the FluidSurveys by SurveyMonkey features webpage.



A CWL account is required to log into the survey tool. To register for a CWL account, visit the CWL website.

Features & Benefits

UBC Survey Tool is a Canadian-hosted survey solution complying with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and is available to all faculty and staff. The survey tool has advanced features such as question branching, cross-tabulation, real-time results sharing, and results filtering.

Further Information

Getting Started