Pricing Model



Cost Model

  • You pay for a pre-allocation of resources giving more predictable  billing.
  • Organizations are charged for the capacity allocated to their Virtual Data Centre.
  • You can expand/contract your resources at any time by submitting a service request.
  • Lowering the guarantee of resources allows for more virtual machines to fit into the pre-allocation, but this may impact the ability for the virtual machines to get the resources it asks for.


Educloud Server Service Fees

   Basic Fee (licensing, support)  
   $55 per VM / year  
   Includes powered on and powered off virtual machines
   $9 per GHz / year   Total allocated to virtual data centre
   In the case of ubc-shared use, the total allocated to the virtual machine
   $10 per GB / year
   Disk Storage
   $0.15 per GB / year   Total allocated to virtual machines
   The disk storage cost is scheduled to increase for FY20/21*

Disk Storage

EduCloud storage is on SSD based Enterprise storage hardware.  SSD storage offers significantly better performance compared to the decommissioned High SAS and Standard SATA storage tiers, but at an increased cost.

* All EduCloud Server clients received an upgrade to SSD storage mid-2018 at the $0.15 price, and we are extending the $0.15 price point until the start of FY20/21.  The new disk storage pricing will be announced Fall 2019.

For more details, please contact UBC IT Systems.