FASmail (UBC Faculty & Staff Email)


In November 2009, the University announced plans to provide basic email service to faculty and staff effective April 1, 2010. To accommodate a large number of accounts on our faculty and staff email service, we deployed a new email service that will accommodate up to 20,000 mailboxes. The service is now in production and ready to use, and all active faculty and staff should be using the FASmail (Faculty & Staff Email) service or Mercury Exchange 2007, depending on the faculty. Students and alumni are now using the new Student and Alumni email service (to learn more or to sign up, please visit the Student and Alumni Email service in the UBC IT Service Catalogue). On October 15, 2012, the legacy Netinfo/Interchange mailboxes and myUBC Webmail were shut down.


With the recent series of system-wide outages to Interchange / Netinfo, a greater degree of urgency has been given to migrating all the Interchange account holders. The Interchange service was last upgraded in 2004 and is no longer supported by the vendor. Going forward, it will continue to become increasingly difficult to support. We have now migrated a majority of faculty and staff that have been identified by department IT administrators.

UBC IT is now beginning to migrate faculty and staff that have Exchange 2007 mailboxes. We have successfully migrated UBC IT and a number of small faculty pilot groups including MOA, Land Food Systems, ARTS IT, and Forestry.


  • Deploy a new email service for all faculty and staff
  • Migrate faculties using Exchange 2007 to the new service

Important Now that the project is soon coming to a close, we recommend that you refer to the FASmail service Catalogue page for the most recent information about the FASmail service.