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Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be their last version of the Windows Operating System. Every six months, a new round of users whose computers require a feature update will be alerted. This process, known as “servicing”, will happen approximately once every two years per computer and it will be dependent on your computer’s lifecycle, at whatever point in the year that Windows 10 was originally installed or reimaged.

Upgrades to Windows 10 computers will be transitioned to a self-service option for all UBC IT Desktop Services supported users. An affected user will receive a pop-up notification on his/her computer when it’s time to initiate the self-upgrade option within the Software Centre.

Upgrading to the latest Windows version is a security requirement and is needed in order for computers to continue receiving security updates from Microsoft. Our commitment to you is to provide you a non-invasive mechanism to install this at your convenience, rather than us forcing it upon you.

Features & Benefits

  • With a self-service option, users can pick a time that is convenient for them to initiate the in-place upgrade.  
  • The upgrade process is automatic and will upgrade Windows 10 to the latest version running in production.  Please note that during the upgrade process, the system will restart several times.
  • Upgraded systems will receive Windows 10 security updates and avoid running Windows 10 versions that have reached end-of-service dates set by Microsoft.



UBC IT Desktop Services Supported Windows 10 PCs with Software Center.

Sign Up Requirements

Technical Requirements

Operating system must be running Windows 10.

Further Information


  • Step by Step Instructions on Installing Windows 10 Upgrade