Make the Switch to the New UBC Student Email Address

As of August 17, 2020, a new email service called UBC Student Email is available for students. The new service will be using the email address and replacing the former legacy student and alumni email service,

Why are we doing this?

The legacy service,, was branded to include alumni so students can keep their email address even after their graduate. However, this created some confusion to email recipients as they had trouble identifying if the sender was a current student or an alumni. For example, vendors that offered student discounts often mistaken active students to be alumni.

The new service, will clarify the distinction between student and alumni. Active students will receive a address and mailbox. When no longer an active student, their addresses will automatically be converted to Students can also modify the cwl portion of their address if they wish to not publish their CWL ID.

Clarity on the affiliation will not only grant students to access vendor discounts on hardware and software, but will also grant students access to the new online communication collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, and the file storing service, Microsoft OneDrive.

How does this impact users of

Students who currently have a email address can still use the legacy service for the time being. However, no further changes to these aliases will be possible. Students that would like access to services like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive will need to sign up and convert their account to a new UBC Student Email service. Students that move to the new service will still be able to receive email sent to their legacy email address.

Alumni who currently have a email address will be able to retain the email address whether they use it to receive or forward email.

For more information, please visit the UBC Student Email page.