UBC Student Email Service


Replacement of Student and Alumni Email Service

As of August 17, 2020, the legacy Student and Alumni Email Service (name@alumni.ubc.ca) has been replaced by the new UBC Student Email Service (cwl@student.ubc.ca). The legacy Student & Alumni Email service will continue to operate, but no further changes to these aliases will be possible. Email will continue to be delivered to the destination set prior to this date. To visit the legacy Student and Alumni Email Service page, click here.

The UBC Student Email service offers eligible students with a mailbox hosted in Canada that they can retain after graduation. The email address will be <CWLusername>@student.ubc.ca

UBC Student Email Address

All active and registered students are eligible to sign up for a <CWLusername>@student.ubc.ca email account that can be used to send and receive mail.

This account will also grant you access to a range of UBC services, including Microsoft Teams and OneDrive

UBC Alumni Email Address

As an alum, you are able to retain access to your mailbox but you may lose access to other services such as MS Teams and OneDrive. When no longer an active student, the email address associated with the mailbox will change from cwl@student.ubc.ca to cwl@alum.ubc.ca but it will continue to accept email sent to cwl@student.ubc.ca.

Legacy Student and Alumni Email Address

The former Student and Alumni Email Service, with the email address name@alumni.ubc.ca was retired on August 17, 2020. No new @alumni.ubc.ca email addresses will be issued. If you have a name@alumni.ubc.ca email address, you will be able to continue to use this address until further notice. Read More.

Further Information

Getting Started

  • Sign up for a Student Email Address
    • Sign in to the CWL myAcccount page and click on “Activate Student Email”
    • You must be registered in a course and in good standing to be eligible for this service
  • Log into UBC Student Webmail